List of hardest and easiest opioids to withdraw from

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List of hardest and easiest opioids to withdraw from

Postby FuckThis » Sun Jan 01, 2017 9:33 am

I've been meaning to do this for a while but had very little time. I've withdrawn from a lot of opioids and some are a lot easier to get off than others. I hope this might help some people in 'stepping down' before quitting.

I'll list them in hardest > easiest, please note this is my personal experience and doesn't constitute medical advice.

Tramadol: By far the most difficult. While is is a fairly mild opioid, it has strong antidepressant activity. Quitting will give you both opioid and SNRI withdrawals at the same time. The mental anguish coming off this makes it top of the list, absolute hell.

Methadone: If you follow a good taper the withdrawals are fairly mild, but incredibly drawn out. Weeks of the lesser symptoms often lead to relapse.

Oxycodone: The withdrawals are very similar to heroin, except due to it being slow release they last about twice as long.

Heroin/morphine: These two are about the same, the acute withdrawals are intense but are over very quickly. Three days of pain is better than weeks of misery.

Buprenorphine/Suboxone/Subutex: The withdrawals are much less severe than from full agonists, however they can last a very long time. A taper is advised, however I've jumped from 8mg a day with minimal discomfort.

Fentanyl: Withdrawals are severe, more so than heroin, however they subside after 1-2 days due to its very short half life. You can quit on Friday and feel fairly decent to go into work on Monday.

Codeine/Dihydrocodeine: These two are approximately the same, although I find codeine very recreational so Dihydrocodeine is a better option if serious about getting clean. Both get converted to morphine or Dihydromorphine by your liver, so the withdrawals are similar but it is much easier to taper. Cold turkey from high doses of these is fairly easy too.

Kratom: A very mild natural opioid which is considered a magic bullet by some. I know several people who have quit heavy heroin habits using kratom. It has very mild opioid activity but it can make withdrawals from stronger drugs more manageable. Avoid extracts, go for plain leaf.

Please remember you may be different, however if you can switch to something near the bottom of this list you will have a much easier time when you jump.

If you're reading this and in withdrawals, remember you won't die no matter how bad you feel, you'll feel better tomorrow and this is the last time you'll ever have to feel like this if you're serious about getting clean.

Stay strong,

Love to you all
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Re: List of hardest and easiest opioids to withdraw from

Postby cheeps » Sun Jan 01, 2017 11:04 am

Thanks Fuck this....its amazing the different way that we experience wds. It depends on many factors as to how each nis affected. Age, time on dope, health, body strength, dose....

Here is my list...keep in mind folks...i'm a 59yo.

Most difficult

Methadone, LAO. a must taper drug, the lower the better, some peeps report hitting a wall at ten mgs. After that, it's pay the piper time. I used a detox place that brought us down over 21 days with SAO's and benzo cocktail. Had a hell of a kick, limp as a rag doll, took several months to get back to a somewhat normal feel. No depression....just body issues. Did have PAWS for several months...entirely managable. Was on it for ten years so I expected the sucked but I was educated so it was ok.

Suboxzone, another LAO, a must taper drug, like methadone, the lower you get, the easier the jump, I got to .75 before I felt any drag. after that, it was a pain to get to under .25 but worth it. Since sub affects the kappa receptors like SSNIs, it is more of a mental challenge than methadone. Took 3 months for my head to clear, the body was ok after two months. Acute wds were fairly mild compared to methadone kick. I wasnt on it very long...and that i'm sure, was a big factor.

SAO's, oxycontin, oxycodone, held short harsh four day long symptoms but with comfort meds were pretty damn easy. Looking forward to another round in the late spring.

Amphetemines...major crashes for three-four days, depression, binge sleeping, body aches.

It just boils down to what you said....getting off any drug won't kill's entirely worth it. The fisrt 2-8 months is the hardest mentally...after that time truly heals.
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Re: List of hardest and easiest opioids to withdraw from

Postby FuckThis » Sun Jan 01, 2017 2:50 pm

My post above should have said OxyContin. With instant release Oxy I imagine the withdrawals will be quicker but I can't personally confirm this.

I didn't think to add non-opioids Cheeps, I've never had withdrawals from amphetamines but I have from cocaine. It's right at the bottom of the list, almost entirely psychological.
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Re: List of hardest and easiest opioids to withdraw from

Postby Sub zero » Mon Jan 09, 2017 6:43 pm

My list only contains two items:

1. Methadone is the worst - if you can kick methadone you can easily kick everything else. I've stood up to other WD's just fine...but methadone was the only one which could defeat me. I cheated my way out of methadone WD's by switching over to suboxone for a month and then quitting cold turkey.

2. "Everything else" - opioids are opioids and withdrawing from any of them sucks.
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