Strange tolerance of AD's?

Feel free to read about or create a new topic regarding antidepressants or detox. (*Note - Antidepressants are not opiates. Additionally, cessation from antidepressants without medical guidence can be dangerous.)

Strange tolerance of AD's?

Postby CaptainCompton » Sat Sep 07, 2013 1:21 pm

I've been through the wringer on SSRIs, SNRIs, even Ritalin off label as an AD.

the only one so far that held good effect with no side effects was Paxil at low doses (20mg). my MD swore there was no way I was getting a benefit though I knew I felt loads better.

I've found another MD who thankfully believes it possible. I'm aware of the label and anecdotal stories of the horrors possible in this med though I feel it works, particularly after dozens of trial failures of other meds.

has anyone else had "success" with Paxil.? I'm taking it in the hopes of lowering or eliminating benzo use as an anxiolytic. I'm not here to promote it, just find a better solution. Thank you!
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