Day 4 off Wellbutrin

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Day 4 off Wellbutrin

Postby OnceAndForAll » Mon Mar 18, 2013 2:04 pm

So, here I am, fourth day free from Wellbutrin after being on it for 2.5 years. Doctors weren't being helpful so I tapered myself down by adding more time in between each dose as opposed to cutting down the actual dosage because I couldn't cut the pills in half. I am feeling extremely fatigued and have a pretty constant headache but I am still on suboxone which is probably helping a bit from any significant withdrawal there may be.

Does anyone here have experience with Wellbutrin?

I've always turned down antidepressants because I never saw myself as being clinically depressed, and I was always terrified as to what antidepressants do to you. I've heard from people that they turn you into a zombie, completely change your personality, etc. So I never wanted to take a chance. That is, until a doctor told me about Wellbutrin and the fact that it is an "activating antidepressant" and does not have some of the same side effects that the others have (weight gain, low sex drive, lethargy, etc). It seemed like it would be a good fit for me, because my problem was always lack of motivation and it sounded like it would help with that. Overall, I did not notice any significant change over the course of being on it.
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Re: Day 4 off Wellbutrin

Postby chadbordes » Sun Apr 21, 2013 3:45 am

I was on Wel for 4 years. In Jan of 07 i kicked the habit. In my experience they did turn me into a zombie. I was masking something. My fathers death, my failure as a human being, my inability to satisfy my then girlfriend. I noticed my change after a few weeks. Things became manageable, the pain started to reside. I began to be a little bit happier.

I had also in November of 06 experienced a really hard break up. I began drinking while on Welle and the coming down off the buzz at the end of the night was near suicidal and unbearable crying fits. I finally decided one day in 2007 that I was done with all that shit. I walked away from the welle and the alcohol. I stayed clean from Welle until my breakdown in November of last year and i was clean of alcohol for 2 straight years. My battle is now with alcohol and I can say that getting off welbutrin, for me was easy. There was no tapering, i just threw the pills in the garbage. I never looked back and on days that seemed bad, I would remind myself that I am no longer medicated. I was on bupropriol for 30 days and after it was done, i stopped taking em and never had the scrip refilled.

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