Cold Turkey off Benzo (Kpin) after about 10 yrs!

Feel free to read or create a new topic about benzodiazepine questions or detox. (*Note - Benzodiazepines are not opiates. They are Valium, Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan, and many more. Additionally, cessation of benzos without medical supervision can be very dangerous.)

Re: Cold Turkey off Benzo (Kpin) after about 10 yrs!

Postby CTCheryl » Sat Dec 12, 2015 11:27 am

Hello, Hello...this is a great post! Thank you for all this info. I was also addicted to K-pins and Xanax while on sub and you are spot on about how rough the withdrawal can be. I am so sorry for your loss (s) and pain. Getting down to 1mg is great. I also got addicted to Kratom while trying to get off this crap so get the Phenibut thing too. SOO $$$ too!! Everyone said no way I could get addicted to Kratom but I found a way.

The seizure possibility is very real and visual hallucinations, paranoia and restlessness. I don't think my legs stopped jumping for weeks. I finally went to a fancy detox where they brought me down slowly using Valium to get off the K-pins and Xanax. (I still saw Care Bears under a table while there) lol

You sound like a smart person and I think you seem very determined to get off this stuff. You are very young and have a lot of life to live!

I consider myself a poster child for progression with pills and booze because when I was young (20's) I could party like none other, drop acid, smoke whatever and go to work and school. Now I just turned 60 with 2 years clean and sober and take blood pressures meds etc because I screwed up my body for so long. I hope you stick around the forum and share your taper. I think there are many of us on both sub and benzo's, docs are quite to prescribe the benzo's to calm us the fuck down without realizing they are just handing us another addiction.
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Re: Cold Turkey off Benzo (Kpin) after about 10 yrs!

Postby hellofriend » Sun Dec 13, 2015 12:09 pm

I was just talking about the Care Bears w/ my sister a few days ago. I used to watch them when I was an infant and got off on the the colorful rainbows and what not when I was a baby.

I didn't start feeling better until I started running after I quit smoking. This isn't my first rodeo. I've been on Suboxone before for five years and tapered off. It wasn't easy but I did it. I posted about it here and talked about nootropics and got some negative feedback. I totally understand why now, but believe it or not there are a few compounds that can actually help people conquer PAWS and depression after opioids. I actually have some kratom stashed away. I was planning on using it sparingly if I needed it. I bought 100g of Red Vein Indo, which is the more sedating and relaxing types of kratom...I did some research. I love phenibut but I don't want to take it everyday. I just want to use it in moderation. I am almost finished with my undergrad in biochemistry. I have a 3.0 gpa. I stopped going to school when my mom got really sick...also my pet parrot died...I had the bird for 25 years and he was very intelligent and loved me...he used to clean my ears and groomed my eye brows...and he loved belly I was crushed when he suddenly died....and my mom was broke my heart....I was passing all my classes at the time...but stopped functioning at this point....I had Suboxone PAW and some other problems at the time too besides my mother's lung cancer and my bird dropping dead out of nowhere. I just went crazy at this point...I was misusing psychedelics at the time add a few panic attacks to the mix, with some depersonalization and derealization, which is the most severe state of is when a part of your brain shuts down as a safety mechanism from chronic worry and panic and you become numb and dissociate from random stimuli and stressful events. I conquered DP/DR btw. I did it by not worrying about worrying anymore. I read somewhere that you can't get better if you keep trying to get better and that you need to just let your brain and body heal itself and that you are not going crazy. I know a fair amount about neurochemistry, just all branches of chemistry in general, biology, and math and science. Most people think I know a lot but I realize I don't know nearly enough to do what I want to do. I want to research neurogenerative diseases and truamatic brain injuries...also I am interested in cancer research. I just need to finish my degree and go to graduate school for organic chemistry...easier said than done dad and sister are fucked environment is fucked up...even my dog is depressed....but I will work it out somehow. I also want to open up my own business. I have some good ideas. I reapplied to go back to school. I had to because I took more than two semesters off, and I did withdraw from two semesters in a despite my good GPA I have to petition to get my financial aid back once I get accepted for readmission at my I'm not out of the woods. I have aptitude for my field of interest and have already proven myself. I just suck at life and am a drug addict and everything fell apart for me because my mom.

Most people, it doesn't matter how old you are either...will be depressed after quitting opioids....and anybody can doesn't matter if you are can still exercise but just stay at your target heart rate and never exceed you maximum heart rate....which is 220 minus your age. So at 60, your target heart rate is in between 80-136 beats per minute and your maximum heart rate is 160 bpm. I am not sure if most people know about this so I will just post about it. I would get a watch that can measure your heart rate while you exercise. Also, anybody can meditate. Also, our bodies respond to stress in good or bad has been proven...according to the TED talk that blood vessels constrict during a unhealthy response to stress...but dilate during a healthy response to stress. The woman who spoke on TED was a doctor...she said that when people think that stress is killing them or hurting them...their blood vessels will constrict...or become smaller...increasing the chances of a stroke or heart attack...but they found the exact opposite with people who didn't worry about what stress was doing to their health...and these people just deal with stress differently...and their blood vessels will actually widen...or dilate. So...we need to change the way we think about stress. I like to think about Braveheart....those people are obviously stressed out running into the battlefield...but courage is a healthy response to I'm sure their blood vessels were all dilated...those that didn't have courage but fought anyway had a higher chance of stroke or heart attack.
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Re: Cold Turkey off Benzo (Kpin) after about 10 yrs!

Postby cheeps » Sun Dec 13, 2015 12:31 pm

I too wanted to thank you for the good info...on my phone so pardon the brevity of my post.
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Re: Cold Turkey off Benzo (Kpin) after about 10 yrs!

Postby hellofriend » Sun Dec 13, 2015 4:44 pm

Your welcome cheeps. I'm actually starting to find some things that work after many years of suffering. The main thing is to not worry about why you are so messed up...whatever lows you have sunk to...whether it be the depths of extreme despair and apathy, or the numbness and complete brain fog dp/dr bring on. Your brain wants to heal and fix it self if you let it. So if you are asking yourself..."how did I get so fucked up" ...or "I'm I going insane" or "what the fuck is wrong with me" need to understand that it is okay to be sad...and if you start dissociating it is because your brain is tired and just needs to rest...that's why worrying about worrying is just going to make you worse. You need to just let your self feel whatever you need to feel...and your brain will fix itself. So you are never going to get better...if you keep trying to think yourself out of a jam...because your brain is basically too tired. Running and meditation quiet the mind and set it in gear to heal and also you need to change the way you respond to stress. Successful people don't have negative reactions to stress like we do. We need to stop looking at stress as the enemy and develop healthier thought patterns by changing the way we think everyday by behavior modification, diet and exercise. Also, drug use isn't the root cause of our is the way we respond to stress.
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