H habit - getting off using sub

Heroin, Pain Pills, Methadone are all opioids (aka opiates) and it just plain sucks or feels impossible to get off of any of them. Share about stopping, detox, or the desire to stop any of these.

H habit - getting off using sub

Postby icculus » Thu Sep 25, 2014 9:00 pm

Hello, I'm rather nervous to be posting here so bare with me...

A bit of backstory: I have been using for the better part of the summer, and have put myself through the ropes quite a few times over the past few years. I was on buprenorphine maintnence at one time but was kicked off 2 years ago to the day and that was a hell I will never put myself through again, although in the back of my mind I wish I was still on maintnence therapy. I had a good run being clean but began using again this year which quickly spiraled out of control.

I used all through the summer with the exception of getting clean for a week 2 months ago using sub when I had a pretty much supply of it, but due to an extremely stressful circumstance ( being incarcerated ) I used again when I got out. Stupid I know.

It has been two months using pretty much exactly .8 IV dope every single day. I am going to be aquiring 4 or 5 8 mg suboxone tablets and attempt to taper, as cold turkey is not a viable option with my current living/work situation, detox is a last resort and suboxone maintnence therapy I really don't even consider a resort because of the implications.

I am wondering if anyone has any advice that could help me get through this hell, and I am open to any suggestions I can get. Next month on the 10th I will also be able to refill my clonodine and gabapentin prescriptions which I am prescribed regularly, These are helpful but simply do not cut it on their own jumping off from my current usage.

Any help much appreciated...
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Re: H habit - getting off using sub

Postby nootlsjr » Fri Sep 26, 2014 12:33 am

wut up dude, I cant figure our where your from. sounds like your well educated, but how can you be so safe with 'the works'. I snort dope, and have less risks.

guess the best question would be why you want to get clean, because its a hassle, or do you want to live a life you cant currently imagine???

what do you fear?? your job, pain, your life, or other obligations.

its only a matter of time in pain, with mental confusion. some die before they experience enough pain to quit. so I say let the pain begin.lol. make a solid plan, and remember what your fighting for. your everything is nothing. fuck drugs. yay for emotional freedom. how you feel means everything. hope you feel better.

fear the problem, not the solution. its a celebration not a tragedy. peace. welcome.
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Re: H habit - getting off using sub

Postby Justjules13 » Fri Sep 26, 2014 5:47 am

Hi Ic, read around the board. As you know sub is not as " rewarding" as dope and it's easy to take more than needed when you start sub. Start as low as possible. 4mg is the most you'll need but try to drop to 2mg by the second day and 1mg by the third if possible. Just taper from there...once your at 1mg someone here can figure out a taper for you...
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