Analogy of Failure from Buprenorphine (Sub)

Sub Sucks and if you havent figured that out yet.. please read a few posts

Re: Analogy of Failure from Buprenorphine (Sub)

Postby Robert C » Wed Oct 19, 2016 10:09 am

Here is the answer i was looking for!
"The Failure-
After being on sub for a random amount of time- (usually 6months to 3 years) you begin to realize that you are beginning to feel foggy, distant, or removed. Your dosing will be needed to get out of bed, it will become your morning cup of coffee, you will plan your life around your dose, your old DOC behavioral habits will begin to revolve around the sub. normal will become disgusting.the fog will get worse and worse. Your fatigue will get more frequent. This is caused by a combination of decreased neurotransmitter production and temporary shut down of specific receptor sites.

Now it is making sense to me WHY all of a sudden i no longer have that boost i was getting from my 2mg dose!
I had no clue it could take up to 3 years before these "side effects" kick in?
But what you described above is exactly what happened to me recently and why i was so puzzled.
I have been taking suboxone for 2 years now and only recently have i been feeling very lethargic, no motivation and yes i have a foggy like feeling overall. Before i felt super clear and sharp had NO Anxiety and had a nice boost of energy. Seems that party is over :(
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Re: Analogy of Failure from Buprenorphine (Sub)

Postby Rascal123 » Sat Feb 17, 2018 4:17 am

wow I must read more posts.

Ratchs post sums it up peferectly for me and I believe it 100% and have been through those stages.

The so called wonder drug got my life back intially. It was free, i was told not addictive. wow a miracle.


Long term and after feeling what effect bupe has had on my physically and mental health i completly concur with Ratch. I dont use bupe as an excuse for other issues but I know it most certainly is NOT helping me in any way shape or form.

Bube is so so strong, powerful and the half life is huge. Ive covered my dopamine receptors with the shit for 2 to 3 years and wonder why I no longer enjoy the most basic of things.

I just dont get that natural "feel good" anymore. Or adrenaline rush. I honestly feel bupe has stolen my happy go luckly, maybe wild at times, silly but fun side. I was fun. loving, quite humble, emotional, brutally honest and cared about others.I wasnt perfect by a long shot but had good values and felt proud.

Now Im a suboxone robot and im an addict still ( sorry if that offends some. I feel far from clean)

worst of all it all makes perfect medical sense as to why!!! theres studies too.

it isnt due to my oxy addication 5 years ago.I was on and off them 2 to 3 years and I wouldnt say i was a heavy user. A binger. get high. suffer a bit at work or use benzos. getting high whilst going through a tough period in my life to get by. No excuse. stupidity I know. I choose that path. my bad.

sub should be used for a short time. In severe cases it will save lives I understand this. now I have 3 years of what might as well be a super oxy or another high strength opiate on my brain. But I dont get high. stops H users injecting and dieing. I do appreciate how it saves lives. For some it is a live saver for others its made a problem even worse.

First 6 months I was fine. I think I was getting a buzz from the subs, no WD. no craving. Great.........Then over time a downhill ride.

im from the UK, sub is free. If i ask for 16mg, 32 they would give it too me. yes you have to go to a clinic. Do a supervised daily intake at the start. few months in you go to the chemist and pick up your weeks supply. I used to collect 16mg a week and stash 8mg for when I had to work abroad for weeks.

Those like me that work, pay national insuranance and tax. The average total in a lifetine is £734,000. Call it about a million dollars.

Our prisons are full of subxone misuse. Its no1 im sure as its free and too easy to get.

people here get methadone free, some huge bottles a week and just abuse the system. Just use it to back up thier addication. add to H, sell. use for come downs. Its a farce. why I chose bupe so i couldnt abuse.

Its different for everyone and case by case basis but I really kick myself now for going on sub at alll. Or at least knowing the facts and using it for a short period.

Truth is I thought id found a harmless drug that was free, gave me a buzz and had no issues.

What a niave fool!!!!!! I actually feel worse off than I was. in even bigger trouble now. I could have of done an oxy taper, used kratom to get clean. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

Or would I have ended up with a herion habit and potentially not been here today. Who knows.

Sorry for the ramble. it's early here and im just soaking up 6mg of bupe.

Good weekend all. Stay strong!
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Re: Analogy of Failure from Buprenorphine (Sub)

Postby cheeps » Sat Feb 17, 2018 9:01 am

If you are on sub, you ain't clean.....really rascal, you can say bad things about sub here....if someone takes offense then they are living in denial.
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Re: Analogy of Failure from Buprenorphine (Sub)

Postby nomojo3479 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 7:42 am

Rascal ur preaching to the choir bud., haha.. I feel like a dumbass every day.. I spent over a decade being miserable on sub.. a fucking decade... they told me all the same things n initially things did improve n then they didn’t..
n really the sad truth of it is yes, ur probably worse off now then when you started taking sub... at least I can say Iam worse off now (addiction wise).. then when I started sub.
It’s a real motherfucker, but people do work there way offf of it. So there is a chance
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Re: Analogy of Failure from Buprenorphine (Sub)

Postby CatsMeow » Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:24 am

Mojo, I completely agree with you. I am totally worse off now, addition wise, than I was before sub. For 8mg Dilauded 2x per day regimen for pain management, I got thrown on 16 mg sub. Talk about over kill. I stupidly stayed on 16 mg for 3 weeks. It had it's hooks in me by then. So sad. I wish I had found SS sooner.

Now all I can do is a low & slow taper to survive the sub addiction. Talk about trading one addiction for another much stronger one. I do my best not to beat myself up over it now. But it's hard.
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