RLS.... finally solved?

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RLS.... finally solved?

Postby grant9120 » Sun Aug 31, 2014 12:27 pm

jules, maybe i should clarify

when u say rls is almost nonexistant..... ok fine... im not always kicking my legs. actually.... its more of that feeling in my skin all over that is just restless....whether i move or not. thats what keeps me from sleeping.

anyway. big news. HUGE NEWS. i had said if i could solve or just help RLS, and get some sleep, i think i can fly through this.... at least until the jump.

i was worried i was gonna have to spend months....waiting for stabilization and sleep. moving my night dose back..... etc. but i had some success yesterday. you may say "its only one night" but thats not how it works with me. if i can sleep one night. i will sleep if i follow the same regimine. if i cant sleep on a certain regimine, i wont ever sleep on it, or it will take a very long time before i can.

i was able to go back down to my 1 mg dose after temporarily being at 1.25, upping my night dose to see if that helped. but since im ok during the day, i split my 2 mg strip into two....and then split that piece unevenly, perhaps .7 and .3 milligrams..... so far, if i even took that amount of subs 3 hours before bed, i wouldnt sleep. it needed to either be right before bed, or a much higher dose. yesterday i dosed at 9 am and 930 pm and i went to sleep at 230 am.... thats 5 HOURS!!! almost where i was at when i spent a year tapering a while back. before i jumped, i was taking .15 milligrams a day, split between 9 am and 3 pm and bed at about 11. which is 8 hours before bed.

the way i did it was, first, keeping my night dose higher. second i took 3 of those restful legs pills and 3rd i took 25 mg of trazadone. trazadone usually doesnt work, and it was a small dose..... but apparently since im not in physical withdrawal....im just really restless....it was just enough to put me over the edge. i believe it was likely a combination of getting used to my dose, plus the traz, maybe the restful legs stuff, the working out, etc, etc....

but i only woke up for 2 seconds last night and pretty much slept 7 hours all the way through.

now i can press forward. id like to be at .5 milligrams in about 2 weeks or so..... we will see if this routine continues to work. but once a day dosing is in sight. i think what ill do is start taking just the tiniest sliver in the morning and continue to take about .7 at night........so that im eventually at .7 milligrams total at about7 or 8 pm, and bed at 1. from there..... ill probably continue to move back a half hour every 4 days.... and cut down.

1 month from now. id like to be ready to jump at about .3 or .4 milligrams at the most. if im in pain. i dont want to prologue it. this time is just being used to get a routine ready so that i can jump easier. get my life in order, etc and obviously thats much easier to do while still dosing a bit. its my prepare time
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