Help for a 6 week sub user

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Help for a 6 week sub user

Postby Ocean » Tue Jul 15, 2014 6:47 am

First off hello to everyone here. This is the only site I seem to get objective views about subutex or suboxone and genuine experiences.

Ok so this is my second stint on sub..First time I was taking subutex for 7 years, tapered to 0.4mg and had mild withdrawals for 2 weeks but after that I was home and dry. Was clean for 3-4 months until I took codeine and tramadol for 3 months on and off. So now I have been taking subutex for 6 weeks. I started at 7mg , but next day went down to 2mg, now am on 1.2mg. My question is should I continue to taper further or jump now? if I taper should I cut down everyday or every 4 days or so?

I would also like to ask would my previous stay on sub affect this taper and post jump? during my first time sub use I was only ever taking 2mg for 7 years. I had mild withdrawals and some sleep issues for 13 days but after that it was all plain sailing. I dont believe I experience heavy PAWS as I just felt normal, did not feel depressed or tired or whatnot. I also worked out as a a sports buff, so am guessing that played a factor. My diet isnt' too bad either, I eat lot of veggies and protein.

My only dilemma is should I taper for a week or 2-3 weeks, considering I only taken sub for 6 weeks this time round.

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