Sub is evil shit! and 3 questions answered

Sub Sucks and if you havent figured that out yet.. please read a few posts

Re: Sub is evil shit! and 3 questions answered

Postby mano » Sun Aug 16, 2015 4:56 pm

Lost Lady wrote:I have only been on Subs 12 days. I asked my shrink to help me through withdrawals from Percocet and he did this. I don't feel like me anymore. I've been on 12mg for 12 days. Some days I only took 6mg Some days I only took 8mg. I only took 4 today. Please tell me that at twelve days in I can successfully jump off. I have mental illness to start with and this shit is NOT for me. Should I just jump and not look back or quickly lower the dose. I'm terrified. I knew this seemed wrong, I knew I just needed to go through opiate withdrawals. Someone please help. I'm a 40 year old mom of a 5 year old. Battled depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD my whole life and I was a maintaining great. Hurt my back been on per share 2 years needed help getting off and bam they guinea pigged me. Please help. Thanks.

Hey LL,

1st I am going to recommend you start your own thread regarding this.

At 12 days on sub you found us just in time! sub is actually a great detox tool, used for short 3 weeks. it's when it's used for maintenance that it becomes a big problem for many.

Anyways, 12 mg's is a MASSIVE dose. I would suggest you taper with sub over the next 2 weeks. Reduce to 2 mg's tomorrow, which is about equal to 100 mg's of morphine. and then taper from there over the n3xt 2 weeks.

Please re-post this in a new thread and you'll get lots of help. I'm so glad you found us now and not in 60 days. Like i said, this could be a good thing, if used right.
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Re: Sub is evil shit! and 3 questions answered

Postby Lost Lady » Sun Aug 16, 2015 6:35 pm

Thank you so much for getting back to me. I even argued the 12mg thing with them and they told me they were the doctors not me. Okay I will start a new thread on this. My head was racing so bad the first day and they tries to put me on Seroquel to deal with that I was like NO WAY! I feel so alone in this! Thanks for your reply.
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Re: Sub is evil shit! and 3 questions answered

Postby amery2u » Sun Aug 16, 2015 8:25 pm

Haya LL...

good for you for getting here!


ps: mods? thought this was a locked/sticky thread? not up to me.. i'm still trying to DONATE AND NOBODY WILL HELP ME! I WANNA BE PURPLE! hehehehehehe... really i do.
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Re: Sub is evil shit! and 3 questions answered

Postby hess771 » Wed Aug 03, 2016 8:05 pm

This thread answered a big question of mine that I am wondering about-using SAO to get off of suboxone. I'll post more specific questions in the appropriate threads or start a new one.

This is my second go around on Subsux-I guess 30 days of no sleep and barely enough energy to get out of bed wasn't enough the first time around 6 years ago.

I'll post in the other area when I think of specific questions, but I took a lot of solace from the old timers here, they are doing a lot to help people through this and I need their help again.

The suboxone is making me feel much worse than it did the first time around. Arthritic feelings, constant headaches, a toxic feeling overall. I am having more sick days on the subs than I was on the worst painkiller jags before.

Maybe it is getting older, hopefully wiser. I am ready to get off and stay off, sick of painkillers too. I got some stability with the suboxone, strengthened up my marriage and job, so it wasn't a total loss, but if I can cheat the devil on the sub withdrawals, I will.

Anyway, I think my first post will be my strategery on work planning, tapering, and maybe minimizing the withdrawals.
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Re: Sub is evil shit! and 3 questions answered

Postby Subblind » Wed Aug 03, 2016 8:28 pm

Post up and tell us your deal...,join the fucking club...lets see if we can help you off the shit.your symptoms sound a lot like mine when I was doing 20 mgs a day for pain.hope to hear from you some more.SB
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