need help

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need help

Postby oneday » Tue Oct 31, 2017 11:39 am

I have been on methadon for 6 years and then Suboxone for 1 year. Have been wanting to come of them for so lomg bevause it has felt like being in a prison.
Started tapering down from 16mg last februari about 2mg a week. When I was at 6 mg I got to go to a sort of Christian rehab in Norway for the last part. It took a few months and then en July i was ready to go off. So went off at 0,5mg and I had pushed myself really hard. I was so happy I was going to finally feel normal and start living again. At first it went fine but then everything just chrashed. Dont wanna go into details but it must have been a serious psychosis. I left the place because I thought I wasnt safe there, and only thanks to God I got home safe again. Its one of the worst things I ever experienced in my life. I was supposed to start a sort of Christian rehabilitation a few weeks after and that was all I could think of. So my friends and family helped me to get ready and I got better and was able to go. Once there I did not recognize myself at all and I wasnt able to function, it was like I was not real and had no real feelings and stone cold on the inside. I could not remember anything or talk to people. I tried and tried but it just got worse and it scared me so much, I think I was loosing my mind. I did not know who I was anymore.
I went home again and here depression hit hard. Was still feelin weird in my head. Have experienced so many weird things and I did not understand them. After a while a started to drink sometimes and also took some drugs just to feel alive and normal. I was really about to give up because I thought I was going crazy. Then I found your site and recoqnized everything you were writing about. All the symptoms everything was the same. So then I got some hope that I can get out of this. Only now I really have to start working on it and Im scared because I really dont wanna fall back. Was thinking to start just going up each day and get dressed and start from there. I tried so hard to get off there fucking subs and really did my best but never counted on this hard time afterwords. Sorry if this is a little messy, have a little hard time writing.
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Re: need help

Postby cheeps » Sun Nov 05, 2017 8:14 am

Hi vision has been really bad the past week, I had a little issue. Anyway I normally check for new threads but haven't been able to this week....

Are you still taking anything? I hope you can read around the threads in the subsux part they will really help you understand that it will take some time to feel normal.

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