Question about getting comfort meds?

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Question about getting comfort meds?

Postby AVinLo » Wed Jul 23, 2014 5:04 pm

I don't have a PCP(Primary Care Physician). I've only lived in this town for 8 months. I stopped seeing my Suboxone doctor due to expense. I have moderate high BP, so sub doc did put me on 50 mg Metoprolol daily a few months back. Here's 3 comfort meds I'm interested in:

1. Clonidine
2. Lyrica or similar to Gabapentin
3. Ambien or similar for sleep

Here's my question. When I jump ship from Suboxone should I wait until around 5th or 6th day and pick a doctor in the phone book to go see about getting these meds? Should I just ask the doctor for these meds without being listed as a drug seeker? Or, should I tell the doctor I'm in acute withdrawal off Suboxone hoping he'll give me these meds?

My sub doc is out of the question because I failed to show up at my last visit a few days ago. Plus, his $200 fee is just beyond what I can pay anymore as well as having to drive almost 2 hours to visit him, one way. I should just be able to go see a local doctor here. I currently live with my dad and recommended one doc to go see. I just don't know the best way to approach the doctor to get these comfort meds I'd really like to have when I quit my Suboxone here soon. I'm ignorant when it comes to doctors because before I got on Suboxone I avoided them like the plague and got my opiates illegally. Some advice on how to approach a doctor to LEGALLY get these meds or even just one of them would be helpful in my suffering during detox. Thanks!
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