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PM = Pain Managment
SAOs = short acting opiates
Met= methadone
Sub = Suboxone

About Me:

Hi , My name is Tabitha, and I am a 48 yo PH.D. Biochemist. I have a mother and younger brother who were both on either Met or Sub and my my brother is still on it. I want to do a paper and submit it to a reputable medical journal. I could tell you everything I already know bad about Sub/meth but I don't want to skew any results. I am looking for long term users of either and any that have been off it for days to years or even still on it and having long term side effects they believe, can prove or are sure the effects are being attributed to these drugs. I hope to prove in my study that both my mother and brother can be grouped into these effects. If my theory proves correct I am planning to bring a class action law suit to not only the Pharm companies but possibly the doctors that keep prescribing this to people for 5, 10,15 20 yrs.

More about me: I have done research on these drugs for years and as a chronic pain patient myself I have also been suggested to take either. However, I never really fit the mold and probably many of you didn't either to have ever been put on the stuff in the first place. I have been on SAOs and high Amts of ER SAOs for about 8 years. I've tapered myself down from 3 80mgs a day to three 30 mgs a day. I've found that is the minimum amt I need to control what pain I have. However, after a laminectomy in 2007 I was on IV dalaudid and before stopping it was taking 1 cc 8 mgr sometimes as high as 12 times a day. This was when I realized that I was going to die if I didn't stop the doctor RX and decided to cut off the IV and began taking ER 80 mgs tid. I really never had to use that much and usually only took it bid. Had a Hugh leftover stash even after 2 years ago when I began taking ER 60 mgs tid which again I got by with two 60s per day. Because in the last 3 years having this extra stash was great because pain doctors were being shut left and right. About a year ago the shit it the fan and after my clinic closed I began a new clinc that refused to accept my level of pain and went to ER 40s tid & 10 mgs oxy to two ER 30 bid and 10 mgs oxys. However, even with 10 mg IR for break thru it wasn't enough to allow me to function as I had been able to. My old dr opened an office so he put me back on the two ER 60s BID and I felt it was too much and asked to be taken down 3 ER 30S & 10 mgs IR for break thru. Let me also say. I tried to never take the breakthrough meds and most of them ended up in my friends, or spouses system or down the toilet when I figured it all out. Because of the stringent policies they are making and putting on Drs over the past three years I'm without a pain management dr and even though I have two broken ribs and a broken coccyx getting more then 10 mgs tid written from a neurologist is getting difficult. But I need PM so much more now then ever because of what I believe are the long term effect of Sub and Meth on my brother and mom. They in the past week have both been admitted to psych wards and I'm having to take POA and guardianship of my 68 year old mom and not sure what's going to happen to my 45 year old brother.

Moms story: Mom has history of depression, hyperchondric, codependent on younger bro, shared drugs, very attractive manipulating, materialistic, self absorbed, extremely intelligent, but been financially abused and neglected health wise by brother past 3-8 yrs. and many ( over 100) ER visits and self admittance to hospitals psych wards ect. She's never had any true pain until her fall in 2013 and was falsely DXed with lupus in her 30s in 1990s. My stepfather was on hospice at home in 1988 - 1991. I know this is where her opiate addiction begin. I moved back home after being away for 3 yrs at college and I found out she was taking more of his morphine then he was. I was lucky in that I didn't have to watch him suffer as her and my younger brother were sharing his meds. Soon After his death I think my mother was put on methadone. I think she took it for over 7-10 yrs. Or longer Until she finally went back to SAOs. Also by 2005 she was being prescribed adderall and I think for probably 5 years she was taking 30 mgs tid, and by 3 years ago 2013 she finally fell and broke her femur. She was not suppose to go back living with younger brother but I know that she was not able to get the quantity of medications in Ala. to supposedly live with her sister. she had gotten back to full body and mind and was capable deemed competent and checked herself out of her physical rehab center. She was use to getting meds from her Candy Man dr. I believe it was too much Adderall that led to her fall, bad tremors, extreme weight loss 88 lbs at time of fall 109 when released after 5 mo. and im looking into when she misdiagnosed with Parkinson's that now she's having hallucinations and dementia from the Parkinson's meds.
She went into a deep depression in 2008 after her mother died that lived with us since our fathered died in 71. She lost her dream home, and her once prestine perfect teeth were all pulled shortly after. She moved into a condo with my younger brother that her husband and her still owned 2 of at the time of his death in 1991. My younger brother left her, moved into the empty rental condo when he found out that she was going to lose her/ his home. My stepfather left her financially in great shape. She had two nice Condos that she could not manage due to the depression. I believe she is still very depressed, misdiagnosed, and while she's not in need of much pain meds (probably because the high doses of Parkinson's meds she has now been given) keeps her hallucinating and forgetful. I'm working on getting her right but really need to know if the METH she took or maybe even sub also has contributed to any of this.

Brother Story: Chroinic drug abuser in early teens ( his drug abuse included SAOs, large quantity of acid, and some benzodiazepines), also Takes adderal, and Xanax. very codependent on mom who got him diagnosed at age 16 as being schizophrenic, began taking Meth about the same time mother did in 90s then been on Suboxone in 2007 and still on to date. Alcoholic, womanizer, very attractive manipulating, materialistic, self absorbed, theif, paranoid and after I gained POA of my mom and removed her from his uninhabitable home in July 2016 he had an episode where he was put into a mental ward 200 miles away. Crazy story but they have sent him back here and say he requires a guardian. My older brother is coming to help me gain some control over the situation with him. However, I know he was off sub and adderal for 14 days. Then got hold of an old RX when he got back here. My friend and I were able to observe him for 5 days off all meds. He seemed almost normal but began talking out of his ass after only a couple of hours of taking the Suboxone he found.

About the Study:
The Study I want to conduct and I know my circumstances are extreme but I can't help thinking that these meds caused or at least has intensified my brothers condition and even though my mother is no longer on it at all, some of the things she did during the time she was on it, I have to believe they were a contributing factor. Therefore, I also want to analyze others LONG TERM USEAGE of both Suboxone and Methodone. I would like to know if it could be attributed to the long term non needed usage of this med and if the damages can be reversed.

I've read many stories here and other places that make me at least have a plausible theory for banning these medications, especially in persons that are not or have never been IV using heroine addicts. Which is what the medication was first made for. I will be writing up my introduction for this study soon. I will post it here and hope to gain grounds for a class action law suit not just my family but yours as well from this paper. But I need honest open and willing ( anonymous ) persons to help me gain information about the effects, of these meds, not only during there use but after stopping and how long the effects lasted and to what extent if any the long term USEAGE of this medication has been attributed too. So far I know that bad teeth, which can be possibly linked to heart problems, and various other organ problems as well, depression, bad decision, lack of judgement, poor hygiene, as well as the well documented stuff they admit to on the site who promotes it.

Send me your interest of your participation, your stories, theories, and a way for me to send you questions that I will need to honest answers. I'll try to make them yes or no but unfortunately without directly meeting each one of you in person I will need your promise to be open and honest.

Remember I will never reveal any one person or individual and all answers will be kept confidential. Think of me as your liaison to a possible class action suit. It may take up to a year for me to gather the information needed to complete the study. And please remember I'm going through hard times also. But I really would like to get this in motion. I believe it is way past due.
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Hi Tabitha, if you are indeed doing a study....and want to be taken seriously by people who wish to share their'll have to do it without help by this website.

While you aren't selling anything, it's hard to believe in your intentions. We've had many come here with the same request. So with that being said...your email address is deleted from the post

If you wish to use the website for personal support regarding your mother or brother, that is allowed.

My take on that is...with their given personalities and possible disorders stemming from their backgrounds, you won't be able to do much for them....especially your brother. I hope you can realize that it is up to the individual to make changes concerning help....any kind of help. Remember, you cannot do it for them....
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