Moved to Cali with NJ Bupe Rx pharmacy won't fill

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Moved to Cali with NJ Bupe Rx pharmacy won't fill

Postby Nj2CA » Thu Jan 21, 2016 12:46 am

Hi! I moved to Cali about a month ago and like an idiot I waited Til I was down to my very last subutex to try to go fill my Subutex(Bupe) 8mg 90 tabs. A couple days ago I decided I would try to fill it in LA (Sam Pedro) area I went into 3 pharmacies and get a different answer at each one they don't have it don't feel comfortable doing it. I looked online and checked with my Dr before leaving Nj and Bupe is a controlled 3 and can be filled out of state. Now usually in most cases someone would say hey go see another sub dr. Not possible due to $ and family around and my ins won't cover it out of state. Only emergency rooms, so I say you know what screw it this is an emergency I'm
About to be out and be screwed and not be able to function. I quit oxycodone 5 years ago did subs for a week and wd literally for 4-5 months horrible. Back to my story I go to the emergency room show them my NJ writtenRx that keeps getting shot down figure hey maybe they can re write it on a CA pad or prescribe me right there NOPE send me out empty handed( mind u my script is for 3 a day and I was supposed to fill on the 17th slip written for JAN 7th 2016. They said none of the doctors their had a lisence to prescribe that or even methadone and that they felt horrible. Then they billed my insurance still when I asked them what did they even do and they said we'll give you this print out to show u were here and now show that to a CA pharmacist and tell your dr to call them. Call my dr today no answer go to pharmacy hand them the slip they hand it back say they don't have it I try to show my emergency room papers and say hey I can't just jump off this high a dosage that say our main pharmacist will be here Friday and we don't have it in stock anyways I say can't you substitute it for suboxonw or something. She goes there isn't a substitute

My question is has anyone had to take a written C-Iii subutex Bupe suboxone whatever out of state and fill it? Have they had trouble?
Laws on the de a. Site say it can be filled out of state.
Does anyone know any pharmacies the LA Torrance long beach area that stock it? This is crazy, I have like one tablet left and am no way shape or form in a place where I would simply be able to just stay and withdrawal. I've been on subs for a decent amount of time I know one day the inevitable will come but I was expecting to gradually do a nice taper down not go from 8mg to 0. Yes I was written 16-24mg but I rarely ever came close to taking that much I just didn't like the hassle of having to scramble for a pharmacy every 30 days and having extras was nice didn't it make it feel like such a nightmare.
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Re: Moved to Cali with NJ Bupe Rx pharmacy won't fill

Postby syd » Thu Jan 21, 2016 9:02 am

I believe you are at the wrong site. It's not our mission to help ppl find pharmacies and doctors to keep you on sub.

I'm sure with a little effort, you can find a site that will help you.

If/when you decide you want to get off sub...we will be here.
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Re: Moved to Cali with NJ Bupe Rx pharmacy won't fill

Postby CTCheryl » Thu Jan 21, 2016 11:08 am

Yeah, you are definitely on the wrong site. We don't advocate that here.

You made my bullshit meter go to an all time high....I am sure there are plenty of emergency rooms in "Cali" for you to try.
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Re: Moved to Cali with NJ Bupe Rx pharmacy won't fill

Postby Don_Pisto » Thu Jan 21, 2016 11:23 am

It sucks being a prisoner to subs, doesn't it? I went through a kind of similar thing, and it turned into an eye opening experience. You see, sub maintenance is a business and it's just about the money. In CA, what you will likely need to do is find a new sub Dr (aka a provider, or Reckitt Benckiser business associate) and "enroll" in a new "maintenance program" and get a new Rx valid for CA. Also, these Reckitt Benckiser business associates only accept cash. After all, in their mind, sub users are low life scum and so they treat their customers as such. (I didn't really realize this until I was in your shoes awhile ago). I found it very humiliating.

It's going to be a bitch trying to find a place in CA who takes insurance. I have very good health insurance and I contacted every single sub Dr in So Calif who was on their list and every single one "was full", not taking any more patients because by law Drs are allowed a certain amount of patients. I wish I had better news, but you might be in for some eye opening experiences. When I went through this, it was a wake up call.

In the short term, what you can do is find an "alternative pharmacy" that does carry and prescribe the stuff. The mainstream pharmacies are not the right ones to go to. Long term though, I'm afraid your going to be stuck for awhile as a cash paying customer to the Reckitt Benckiser empire using the brand label buprenorphine until you find a Dr who takes your insurance with an opening for new enrollees. It really sucks being a prisoner to subs. Buen suerte.
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Re: Moved to Cali with NJ Bupe Rx pharmacy won't fill

Postby subster58 » Sat Jan 23, 2016 1:25 pm

NJ, wow, what a bummer. Would your MD in NJ call in a script to a Cali pharmancy. Don't know how that would fly as previous posts stated. I was in Cali and got bronchitis and my MD in Fl called in antibiotics and prednisone, but that wasn't a class whatever drug. I would get a telephone book and look up MD's who RX subs and start making calls to see if anyone would take you. If so maybe your MD who wrote the RX in NJ could fax any new MD your records. Several people have jumped from 8mg, but I'd try all the other things posted first.
Good Luck
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Re: Moved to Cali with NJ Bupe Rx pharmacy won't fill

Postby 2hellnback » Tue Oct 04, 2016 1:25 pm

I moved to Alabama and I had to go to Fla on a on the spot emergency. Anyway, walgreens transferred my script to a Fla Walgreens but they had to ck and make sure Fla was a state that allows it. So, maybe its a state law?
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