honesty helps

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honesty helps

Postby CaptainCompton » Sun Sep 08, 2013 3:01 am

I knew the oxys were getting out of hand but I didn't know how to approach my gp. I felt more comfortable heading out of town for detox than the possible humiliation of what he might say or do. at that point I wasn't abusing but I was crazy as a loon.

I wrote a letter to him. three actually. I wanted to be clear. I felt I was possibly harming myself, while acknowledging the need for pain management. I knew he'd just dismiss me but surprisingly he bent over backwards to ease my conscience and set up referrals.

so I consider honesty my first move toward progress. I know some docs just dump patients, so I feel lucky and grateful. I suspect my effort at sincerity is largely why he didn't show me the door.
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Re: honesty helps

Postby celticpride4Life » Sun Sep 08, 2013 7:01 am

Yeah...Us addicts got years of lying so the honesty gig is solid for sure. Hope it all works for you. BTW, you are crazy as fuck. Nothing wrong with that.
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Re: honesty helps

Postby Twinturbo4486 » Thu Sep 19, 2013 3:15 am

Good for you! I heard being honest with your addiction does really help. I'm 20 days clean today on Suboxone but my problem is nobody in my family knows I was ever addicted to anything or even went through the hell of quitting. It's probably going to stay that way because I honestly can't bring myself to tell my mother, father, sisters etc. I know they would all be supportive but I just don't want them to know I made the decisions I made and be disappointed in me.

I took 9 days off work, told them I was going out of town and stayed at a friends house (who doesn't do drugs) to detox that whole time. I think if I would've needed opiates for pain or something I'd be much more open to tell them because I would've needed the medicine for pain. But I just abused them and loved the feeling, that is what I have trouble admitting to my family. Much respect to you for being honest!
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