progrss. god i hope so!

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progrss. god i hope so!

Postby CaptainCompton » Thu Sep 05, 2013 12:22 am

hi.I've been taking oxycodone formulations for about three years. in addition I was taking Xanax compounds for sleep. the two added up to an almost pleasurable pain frree environment. for awhile. it bit back.

i failed to renew scripts thinking I could make the weekend (how bad could it be?). bad. terrifying.

what goes up must come down. its a tricky delusion - the drugged perspective makes sense in the moment and loses validity soon.

I do have a need for pain management but the current regimen is overkill.

I may not achieve total abstinence but I certainly feel I van find a better solution. I had a med review last year and my pdoc ignored the recommend. I have been assertive but he insists on percocet &oxycontin

in the meantime im minimizing dose. not sure what else to I had previously approached the Patient Advocate but actionaries for risk management. no help there

holding out hope tho!
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