Codeine addiction

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Re: Codeine addiction

Postby Justjules13 » Sun Sep 01, 2013 8:16 am

I understand you wanting to be honest Eve, but don't you see how disrespectful and arrogant is is for you to be posting about your love of suboxone on a forum that's anti sub. It's like going to a vegetarian site and telling everyone how much you love steak. It's just tacky and rude. You keep saying how "you need this site". We don't owe you anything. We help those willing to help themselves. Everyone can't be wrong about your behavior and you right. Surely you see a problem after SO many have pointed it out to you?
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Re: Codeine addiction

Postby nootlsjr » Sun Sep 01, 2013 10:41 am

im gonna be straight with you. nobody is gonna give a shit about you until you do.

the question of life and death cant be used as a never ending exuse to use. you have a kid and can only think of yourself. bullshit. you might have wanted/felt like death, but sub is only a delay to the same ending, but worse, and longer.

I learned you have to face your excuses or they will forever haunt you. if you want to die, then die. I wont stop you, but if you want to live and learn strength and maturity. you came to the right place, well maybe the strength part.

you have many years of sub use left at a lower dose, if done right you might even beat a record before all hell breaks loose, but im just glad its not me anymore.

you traded a slap for a kick to the nuts, and you like it. your theory is, im good for now, but and then, aaaannnnd then. nnnoooooo aaand then. you silly demented good intentioned person. I feel for you, but not literaly. im clean and done with kicking my nuts in.for you its thank you sir may I have for me its more like boop bop beep there sir. thank you and try again.
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Re: Codeine addiction

Postby nootlsjr » Sun Sep 01, 2013 10:45 am

im just saying good luck cleanin those ears out before you see whats good with sub.
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Re: Codeine addiction

Postby TwinCitiesHardcore » Sun Sep 01, 2013 3:19 pm

Why not just read the wealth of information and stories here until you need to use the site in the way it is intended to be used? I have 11 posts in almost one year (and most of those posts are related to you!). By the way, I saw a post you probably don't recall but you outed yourself as trying to intentionally make people upset online as it made you 'feel something' to have people get angry at you and come back at you harshly. So, no more from me. You say you're in therapy, mention DBT to your therapist, it might be beneficial.
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Re: Codeine addiction

Postby subbywubs » Sun Sep 01, 2013 10:37 pm

You love sub? Are you retarded? THE NAME OF THIS SITE IS CALLED SUBSUX FOR A REASON! And yes, I am yelling at you because you obviously havent educated yourself on that filthy poison you put under your tongue every day. I mean have you read any other threads on this site? Its literally the worst drug in the world. And your coming from a codeine addiction? Da fuck is that? You mine as well dealt with the 2-4 day detox coming off that junk then put yourself on suboxone. Your clearly still in the honeymoon phase and the doctor has you brainwashed. I am 100 days clean myself off sub and still dealing with the side effects. If your not strong you have zero chance of getting clean. I mean If you think codeine withdrawal is bad, wait til suboxone detox hits you. Your defintely still going to love sub then too, i promise.. G'luck tho :rofl:
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Re: Codeine addiction

Postby Bupeduped » Tue Sep 03, 2013 7:50 pm


I've seen your posts on suboxforum, addictionsurvivors, and here so far. Whatever the mod sent you was probably helpful and you took it personally. People have stopped pulling their punches with you and say what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. In your defense, I will say you are finally taking some blame for your actions. That's good. Oh, and btw. Most forums keep track of IP's. You could make up names but I bet they'd catch it quickly and double boot you.

If you are not interested in stopping Suboxone, why are you here? Same could be said of me but I explained it in another thread. Is it just that there are no more forums left to be banned from?

I do wish the best for you and your child. Get some therapy before you do yourself more harm.

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