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follow the cave man

Postby the cave man » Sat Mar 07, 2015 4:53 pm

My name is Cave Man,

I have been through dozens if not hundreds of withdrawals, 6 of them on purpose. I too was lied to or subjected to shit information by doctors and other "specialists". After experiencing the use and cessation of every opiate there is I came to some incredible discoveries. There is a connection between opiate use and the survival of the human race. There is a connection between symptoms of being high and symptoms of withdrawal. They are polar opposite and therefor representing the same thing. We are all stuck in a simple trap, the nature of the trap keeps us in misery and languishing in confusion, lethargy, panic, paranoia etc. It is in this condition that we will listen to any ass wearing a white smock and a practiced piece of shit smile. I can tell you the way out of the trap, the solution to the huge puzzle is quite simple. Not easy but simple. I have written a book and have helped many people walk right out of this insidious trap. The answer IS a higher power. This higher power exists right inside of us all. Im not selling anything, I'm not a bible thumper. Quite the opposite. I can tell you I used my technique to walk out of this trap with barely noticeable withdrawal, no cravings, no triggers , no meetings, no rehab etc etc. These are all illusions that will keep you in the trap. If the moderators of this site will allow me, I would like to offer my help to ten people, there is no money required, no potions or lotions. I will post ALL of my results daily and immediately on this site. Ten people, I don't care what the dose what the opiate what the duration or frequency. I want to start The Cave Man revolution. I help you out we help them out they get the rest out. clarity focus energy confidence anticipation etc, sound familiar. Just need to turn back on your brain. Please allow me to proceed with this, I promise you incredible joyful focused LIFE.
I created an email If you send me your current opiate situation I will show you the door out. If the moderators will allow this I will follow any and all rules put in place to protect everyone.

Thank You,

Cave Man
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the cave man
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Re: follow the cave man

Postby cheeps » Sat Mar 07, 2015 9:19 pm

Cave will have to create your own website/forum to sell your method....regardless of what it is. This is a detox forum created by a person that put in his dues the hard way. You have basically touted yourself the same way in four posts....without putting any proof on the table. Not a good way to start helping peeps here.
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