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Postby Lookn4happy » Mon Jul 01, 2013 1:39 pm

I'm not sure if anyone has touched this subject, I'm sure maybe they have but there's so much here to look thru I thought I'd just ask! Does anyone struggle with the judgement you get from others whether it's friends family or just people around you? I really usually don't give two shits about anyone's opinion about me god did not put me here to please everyone just a few lol. But when it comes to being judged as "an addict" it gets to me pretty hard core. I hate the fact that my family has always said to me "there just pills how hard can it be" or "why would you ever be so stupid in the first place". I hate how we are looked down on like some scuzzy dirty low down pathetic loser when in fact most of us are intelligent strong willed trustworthy loving people. Being an addict doesn't mean we're mentally challenged or plain stupid we just struggle with power. We are powerless over our drugs. And i'm sorry but imo, only an addict will understand an addict. I hate when people say to me I get it I totally understand but then in the same sentence say I can't imagine what your feeling or going thru. Well duh lol. Like when I got on suboxone instead of people being proud and encouriging they would run into me and say did you relapse yet or you know you're not really clean. Well in my mind then at least I thought being on subs was clean. Foolish, yes. Naive, of course. But my doctor had me convinced! How do you get to a point of not caring about what people think or say when it comes to this subject? We live in a very bias world and I know when someone thinks of a drug addict they see a bum. Raggy clothes dirty hair maybe strung out looking a thief whatever it may be. It's just not fair!
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Re: Judgement

Postby emily » Tue Jul 02, 2013 8:55 am

Oh can i identify with what you said! I am an older woman who used pain meds for many years as needed, would throw out more pain pills then i took...then something changed & i started to use them for emotional pain & it went down hill from there BIG time. I have only told a few people my struggles because their attitudes changed & I got exactly what you said..just stop, how bad can it be, whats wrong with you, you know better. The two "friends" i told don't call anymore or are busy when i have called them. I am an ADDICT, not to be trusted. FUCK THAT. I am the same good person i was before i got hooked on pain pills,the same friend who helped you through your divorce, operation, etc but now i am not to be trusted to use your bathroom..Worse yet is i do that to myself..i should have known better, how did i get myself into this situation..I can't tell you how not to care what others say, all i can tell you is to find a therapist to talk to & don't bother telling anyone you are on sub or using anything. Take care of yourself & when you are ready get off the sub & be happy.
Judgement sucks. I agree that no one but an addict understands. It's like that in all aspects of life..i have twins, people with 2 children born close together would say "i totally understand what it's like having twins"..well no they don't because they didn't have two baby's at the same time to take care of.
Good post. Most people don't really come to this area which is probably why there are not many responses.
Where are you now? On subs? Doing well? Looking to get off?
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Re: Judgement

Postby Eveleivibe » Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:56 pm

I agree with you. I have had this experience. My mam said I was stupid etc n when I was in withdrawal they said snap out of it etc

I'm here if you need someone to talk to

Take care,
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